About us

Basis Nuts was established in 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to source unique, delicious nuts directly from the growers and processors in nut producing countries. We aim to introduce consumers to little-known varieties and get people thinking about where their nuts come from.

Satarbai almonds

Our story

The idea for Basis Nuts started with a question: Why can't we find amazing nuts here in Denmark?

I had worked with different UN agencies and the World Bank Group for over a decade, a career that started in Russia, went through Afghanistan, and eventually brought me to Copenhagen. I'd loved the wealth and diversity of the nuts sold at the markets, particularly in Central Asia: there, the nuts were bursting with flavors, and one variety of almond tasted ever-so-different from another.

In Copenhagen, I was disappointed by the types and quality of nuts available, and set out to learn the answer to my own question. 

I realized that there are a handful of large companies that trade in nuts, who have enormous power over what kind of nuts are bought and sold. I realized that illiterate small-scale farmers in developing countries have almost no way to get their products to international markets without going through multiple middlemen. I realized that because consumers don't think about where their nuts come from, they're enabling this system to continue because they don't demand better.

In 2020, I established Basis Nuts to source local, little-known nut varieties that aims to introduce the wealth of amazing nuts to Denmark and Scandinavia. 


Teresa Ha


"Good nuts don't hang from the trees" - Gastro magazine, April 2023 (in Danish)