Satarbai almonds

Soft-shelled almonds from northern Afghanistan, with a sweet, creamy taste like marzipan.


Jalghoza pine nuts

Fire-roasted pine nuts from the Hindu Kush mountains of eastern Afghanistan with a buttery, floral, and earthy taste.


Discover new varieties

There are hundreds of varieties of nuts, but in Europe, we only see a fraction of them. Most farmers growing these delicious varieties don't grow large volumes, often live in difficult environments, and rarely export to Europe. Traditional nut importers typically have looked for large volume, low-cost varieties. What does that mean? We find the same products in the supermarkets, sourced from the same places.

Basis Nuts is a new company in Denmark that wants to bring the best, most flavorful and interesting varieties to you. We import small quantities of unique, delicious nut varieties directly from the processors to Denmark.


We're starting with sweet, soft-shelled almonds and fragrant pine nuts from Afghanistan. More delicious nuts coming soon!



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