Wild jalghoza pine nuts

Wild jalghoza pine nuts


DescriptionThere are only a few species of pine trees that produce pine nuts. The jalghoza pine nuts are native to the forests of the Hindu Kush mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The pine cones are collected by families, who gently toast the pine cones over a fire to make the seeds inside fall out.


Jalghoza pine nuts are rarely found in Denmark. They’re larger and have a more powerful flavor than the more common Chinese/Siberian pine nuts.


TasteComplex, buttery, floral, and earthy, with a taste that lingers in your mouth. Notes of lavender and thyme.


Origin: Harvested in Paktia province, in eastern Afghanistan.


Size: 70g, packed in 100% recyclable PE plastic bags


Price: 70g for 79kr (about euro 10.6)


Nutrition (per 100g):

Energy 2816KJ/673 kcal

Fat 57.8g

- of which saturated 4.9g

Carbohydrates 13.1g

- of which sugars 5.3g

Protein 13.7g

Salt 5mg


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