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Red Kampot peppercorn from Cambodia

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The rich, deep flavor of a Kampot peppercorn is about as comparable to a regular supermarket peppercorn as our King Kong peanuts is to a regular peanut.  

Description: Pepper (Piper nigrum) grown in Kampot province in southern Cambodia has long been known for its distinctive, aromatic, and complex taste, linked to the unique mineral-rich terroir of Kampot.

For much of its recent history, the Kampot pepper industry has been characterized by small-scale farmers working for or selling to large French companies, a legacy of the French colonization of Cambodia. We are partnering with Khmer Organic Cooperative, a social enterprise that works with farmers and farmer groups on growing practices and promoting organic agriculture in Cambodia. The company builds long-term relationships with farmers to ensure sustainable sourcing, and purchases this red peppercorn directly from a farm in Kampot province.

Taste: The red peppercorns are ripened for the longest time on the vine, and have a more mature, sweet, rich and umami flavor than black peppercorns. Use it for both savory and sweet dishes.

Origin: Grown in Kampot province, Cambodia

Sizes: 40g

Ingredients: Pepper (piper nigrum)


In partnership with Khmer Organic.