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In Central Asia, where almonds originated, farmers have carefully cultivated the best tasting varieties over thousands of years.​ But we rarely see them in Europe. These unique varieties are usually grown by small farmers in developing countries, who are unable to export because they don't have the right certifications or grow large enough volumes for traditional supply chains. They can only sell their products on the local or regional markets. As a result, we don't see these products in Europe and farmers lose out on the opportunity to export.


Basis Nuts was established in 2020 to source unique, delicious nuts that aren't commonly found in Europe. It was founded in Copenhagen with the aim of bringing these delicious, flavorful products to the European market and create new markets for nut farmers around the world.

We source primarily from producing countries directly to Denmark.

Teresa Ha, Founder

Originally from New York, Teresa has worked with the World Bank Group and UN agencies in various countries for over a decade before settling down in Copenhagen, Denmark. She started Basis Nuts partly for selfish reasons, to bring the amazing tastes of nut varieties that she experienced in Central Asia to Copenhagen.


For products from conflict-affected countries, we partner with warfair, a Danish company that shares our core belief that trade, and not aid, is the best tool for sustainable development. Read more about warfair at www.warfair.org.

Teresa planting a pistachio tree on a project visit to northern Afghanistan with the UN.



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